Relish & Sauces

Hot, sweet and mild – we have a flavour to suit every mood. Whether you’re looking for a fiery kick or a gentle twinkle on your tongue, our Hot Chilli and Garlic Relish, Sweet Heat Relish and Mild Chilli and Garlic Relish are sure to hit the spot. Made with only the finest ingredients, our relishes are perfect for livening up any dish.

The latest to our repertoire, our Rooibos Infused Chutney, is an enjoyment from the first moment. The apricots’ tartness contrasted with the sultanas’ sweetness, infused with rooibos tea to give it a subtle yet beautiful earthy flavour. Go on, try it – you’ll love it!

Add them to your favourite recipes or simply enjoy them straight from the jar – however you eat them, we know you’ll be coming back for more. So why not try all three and find your perfect match?

“I have never had a hot sauce more flavourful and kick ass as this one”


Tastes great!

It’s gluten free, made with natural ingredients!

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