Grilled spicy toast with burrata and fresh spicy salsa

The creaminess of the burrata cheese, paired with fresh tomatoes and basil, all on a crusty sourdough slice, toasted to perfection. Not your average toast, not your average lunch!



Ready In:



Gluten (bread)

Good For:

Lunch or Dinner



Is this really a recipe? Or just a hungry mind bringing together everything local, fresh and easily available. Spicy, crunchy toasted ciabatta, topped with creamy burrata and a mix of fresh tomatoes – altogether a great combination.

Add some salami or deli ham to give this open sandwich an extra kick of flavor.



  • 4 SlicesĀ sourdough breadĀ 
  • 2Tbsp Lalies Garlic & Chilli Sauce (your choice of heat – Mild, Hot or Hotter than your Mother)
  • 10 baby tomatoes
  • 5 fresh basil leaves
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Step by Step Instructions

STEP 1 – Prepare tomato salsa

Prepare the dressing. Chop tomatoes into bite sized pieces. I used baby cherry tomatoes that I had on hand. Place in bowl. Roll fresh basil leaves into a roll and slice thinly (I used about 4 leaves per sandwich). Add 2 tablespoons of your favourite Lalies Garlic & Chilli Sauce. I recommend the Hot one for this as it has just the right amount of heat! But tone it down with Mild if you’re up for flavour, but no heat. Grind fresh salt and pepper. Mix and let it sit for about 5 minutes for the flavours to combine and develop.

STEP 2 – Toast bread

Slice bread thickly. Spread a thin layer of butter on both sides and toast in a pan. I used oil from the Lalies sauce as a spread, which gave it a beautiful, golden color and extra spicy goodness.

Use any bread you prefer, even day old bread will toast very well. For extra garlic goodness, rub a fresh clove over your bread before you toast it!

STEP 3 – Add cheese

Take your burrata cheese, spread evenly on your toast (your choice of how much you want to use here, if you’re a cheese lover like me, I used a full ball of cheese on my toast!).

STEP 4 – Add tomato salsa

Spoon the prepared tomato salsa on top of your cheese. Add a few fresh basil leaves and grind fresh salt & pepper to taste.

STEP 5 – Enjoy!

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