Hotter Than Your Mother Chilli & Garlic Gourmet Sauce

You asked, we deliver! Our "Hotter Than Your Mother" gourmet sauce packs a real punch when it comes to heat and flavour. With added habaneros for heat, you are sure to have the best of both worlds. Our signature flavour palate with jalapenos, thai chillies and habaneros - a combination to boot!

Dip it, smear it, mix it, bake it - this sauce is so versatile and can be used to elevate any dish. Unique taste, with no compromise on heat!


3 reviews for Hotter Than Your Mother Chilli & Garlic Gourmet Sauce

  1. Gerrit Wessels

    This hot sauce really surprised me. The flavour is incredible with a great hit of heat. I add hot sauce to practically every meal and this has become my staple. Definitely give it a try!

  2. Claire Holloway Wadhwani

    Incredible! First taste I was struck by how hot it was….but then my palette started salivating and couldn’t help but go back for more. We polished off a full jar in just a week and have stocked up…It’s addictively delicious!

  3. Jason Lennox

    We tried this at the waterfront festival. It was excellent. So flavourful with a nice bit of heat. Not a nasty heat really nice. Will be getting more.

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