All in the detail

We care about taste, about the moments that you share. Heat should be just right, creating a taste sensation, just burn is no fun.

We care. And it shows.

When you love what you do, it comes naturally. For us it became real when we looked at how people enjoyed tasting our relishes. How they started telling us stories about what it reminds them of. 

A happenstance moment of a family recipe shared became a product which we now proudly share with you.

Lalies Hot Chilli & Garlic Relish


Lalies Medium chilli & Garlic relish


Lalies Sweet Heat


Our Story

Lalies was created out of a desire to share a delicious family recipe with the world. The recipe originates from South Africa, and has been passed down. Armed with a good recipe and a passion for becoming proudly Canadian, using the best ingredients Canada has to offer, Lalie went in search of finding out what her friends, family and clients wanted when it came to trying something new. People wanted taste, a good heat but not something that burns the back of your throat and don’t do much else. We have created a product that we are proud of. Made with only the freshest ingredients, no preservatives and not sacrificing any taste was at the top of our priorities. 

Since then, Lalies has become the perfect addition to any meal or special occasion. It adds a sense of togetherness and nostalgia, and is always a hit with family and friends. We love seeing people enjoy Lalies, and we know that you will too!